Mission and Philosophy


The School of Early Learning is dedicated to the social, emotional and cognitive growth and development of young children in a Jewish environment. Our program incorporates Jewish values and traditions and encourages children, along with their families to consciously develop a Jewish identity and lifestyle. We strive to be a caring community, one which supports the spiritual and social needs of our diverse and growing population.


Your children explore the space around them which has been structured for optimal learning experiences.  At the School of Early Learning, we believe that children are individual learners; each one gaining skills at their own pace and responding to different styles and methods of teaching. We strive to create a rich curriculum that meets the needs of all children: visual, auditory, and perceptual learners. We aim to nurture and strengthen each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities through our program. We believe that children learn through active play and exploration in a multi-sensory environment.

Parents are a very important part of their child’s growth and development.  Open communication between home and school is a top priority.  Parents are welcome at any time to observe or actively take part in the classroom and holiday programs.  Monthly calendars filled with school wide and classroom specific information, weekly newsletters, and quarterly parent director meetings help keep our parents well informed and involved in their child’s early childhood education.


Our curriculum builds each year on skills and prior knowledge of the child.  The curriculum varies each year and adds new information and experiences.  We believe in meeting the child’s individualized needs and promote moving the child forward in all areas of development.

The daily routine includes activities such as circle time, music, a variety of fine motor activities, varied art mediums, blocks, science materials, reading and math readiness games, snack, rest time, and gross motor play opportunities.

The School of Early Learning is an equal opportunity employer and child care provider.  

Beth Am is licensed by the Department of Human Services and we also have a state- registered kindergarten program.  Our staff is certified in First Aid and CPR and is required to provide Child Abuse, Criminal Background Checks and FBI clearance forms at their time of hire.