Rabbi Ron Wolfson, in his book “Relational Judaism,” reminds us that in Judaism every individual is a member of a community.  “We are obligated to each other by mitzvot or responsibilities, what some have called the yoke of Judaism,” but which at Old York Road Temple-Beth Am we call the blessing of Judaism.

Simply put, we are there for each other.  So if a friend or family member becomes ill we call and offer our support, to babysit or make a meal.  We visit our congregants in the hospital or celebrate with them for the special events in their life births, birthdays, b’nai mitzvah, anniversaries, graduations, engagements and weddings.  We cry with them when a loved one is lost and provide support through Shiva minyanim and personal offers of consolation. We try to make the world a better place by performing Tikun Olam.

We are proud of the work of our Inclusion Committee.  We are proud to be an inclusive congregation, where individual differences are accommodated, accepted and appreciated, and where all members of our Synagogue Community participate together.  We are passionate about helping to build relationships that over time, become sacred. Some ways we build connections are through our Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Caring Community, adult and children’s choirs, the T’filah Band, Israel Advocacy Committee, an active outreach program, and by joining together to work for social action and social justice.  So join us, become involved, let’s get to know each other and help us make our community a better place because of your involvement in it.

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