Marking Life Cycle Events with Meaning

Judaism has always recognized important moments in people’s lives. At Old York Road Temple-Beth Am, we help to create these significant moments and infuse them with personal meaning. Whether breaking a glass under the wedding chupah (canopy), passing on a cherished Hebrew family name to a newborn, or being called to the Torah to read the blessing of our ancestors, our clergy add a personal touch to these experiences.

At Beth Am, we are an inclusive congregation and welcome the participation of our non-Jewish family members and all family configurations in life cycle events. For more information, please contact Jackie Lehner by email or at (215) 886-8000 ext: 148 to make an appointment with one of our clergy.

Planning a wedding or other special simcha (celebration)? The warmth of our Clergy and synagogue staff and the inviting nature of our Sanctuary will help make your celebration a unique and meaningful experience. For additional information and availability, please contact our office at (215) 886-8000.