~ Harriet Gomon & Barry Tinkleman
“Honoring Rabbi Leib, my Beth Am students and the memory of Mary K. z”l
~  Rabbi Howard Bogot
“I love and miss everyone! Thanks for letting me study with you. You’re a fantastic congregation and have terrific leadership! I love all y’all.”
~  Rabbi Connie Golden
~ Zelda Silberstein
~ Gloria, Louis & Susan Ellman
~ The Sirken Family
~ Rosanna & Irv Moses
“Mazel-Tov Beth Am! Looking forward to another 75 years.”
~ Fran and Kerry Seiden
~ Mantz Family from New York & Warninster Pa.
“We have loved and appreciated Beth Am for years.  From bat mitzvah, to confirmation, to our wedding, to preschool and Hebrew school, and to lastly helping us get through shiva, Beth Am has walked through all aspects of our lives.  We are so appreciative! To another 75 years! Mazel tov!”
~ Jessica Prince Wolfish and Eric Wolfish
“As new members of the synagogue and Grandparents of a Bat Mitzvah this year, we have been delighted with the warmth and accessability of Rabbis Leib and Tornberg, Cantor Zarhk, Sherrie Turetsky and the entire staff and have been made them to feel very welcome. Mazel Tov on 75 years.”
~ Dr. Edward and Esther Beck
“Our memorable and wonderful wedding officiated by Rabbi Leib and Cantor Zarkh. And an amazing congregational trip to Morocco.”
~ Linda and Paul Katz
“Beth Am has provided the depth, wisdom, beauty, power, and comfort that can only be found in a synagogue community. It has given meaning to our lives and friendships that inspire us to be better people. We cherish our clergy who are always there for us. May Beth Am continue to grow L’dor V’dor.”
~ Sue & Lew Fleishman
“75 years of inspiring so many! We feel so blessed to be a part of the OYRT-Beth Am family. Happy 75th Anniversary!”
~ Dr. Arnold & Barbara Lincow
“Congrats OYRTBA! We are all blessed to have your unconditional support through both the good times and the difficult times for so many years! Here’s to another 75 years!”
~ Karen & Richard Prince
“Mazel Tov to Beth Am for 75 years of serving its’ community and supporting its’ congregants. It was 1978 when our family became members.  During those 44 years, we had many life cycle events; some happy, some sad. We will always be grateful that Beth Am continues to be the foundation of our Jewish culture.”
~ Linda and Barry Braun and Family
~ David and Marisa Shuter
~ Bonnie Marks and Richard Orodenker
~ Beverly & Marvin Barrish
“I remember attending wonderful teen dances and other activities at the synagogue on Old York Rd Rabbi Waintrup was my teacher at the first Reform Gratz College class. I also was a teacher at the Jenkintown site before the new building was constructed. Glad to still be a member.”
~ Ruth Loewenstern
“With deepest gratitude for the kindness and spiritual support and love given freely to my family by Rabbi Leib, Cantor Zarkh, and Karen Kantor. Thank you, Rabbi, for sounding the shofar in our home when my beloved Steven Halbert was on his deathbed. And thank you for your Inspiring sermons that gave our son the inspiration to become a BarMitzvah. And thanks for remembering my mother, Miriam Ferleger, with love.”
~ Doris Ferleger
“In honor of our children and grandchildren. Benjamin and Hannah, Adam and Emma, Noa and Steve and Norah and Ruby we thank OYRTBA for all you’ve given our family over the years!”
~ David and Vicky Jack
“As chairs of the 75th gala celebration, we welcome all of you to the evening’s festivities. We have many wonderful memories of Beth Am including both of our daughters’ Bat Mitzvahs as well as trips with the congregation to Israel, South Africa and Morocco. We have formed many friendships as a result. We hope that this evening will provide each of you with more fond memories of Beth AM.”
~  Mark and Suzan Lopatin
~ Shirley Kahn
~ Anita and Ron Block
Mazel tov on 75 years. Beth Am is a very special place for my family and me. I look forward to spending many more meaningful years here surrounded by spirituality and wonderful, inspiring people.”
~  Linda & John Kline
~  Gail Arnopol
“Mazel Tov to the entire Beth Am family for a wonderful 75 years! We thank you for your countless contributions to the community and wish you nothing but the best for the next 75 years.”
~ Goldsteins’ Rosenberg’s Raphael-Sacks
~  The Stone Family
~ Harvey Richman
~ Linda Pressman
~ Leila Finkelstein
~ Brotherhood
~ Richard & Cindy Blum
~ Mark Braverman
~  Sheila & Larry Burstein
~ Stephen and Nancy Chesin
~ Brad & Lori Cohen
~ Honey & Marty Cohen
~ Stanley & Ruth Cohen
~ Art & Neile Davis
~ Betty Eisenberg
~ Evan & Debbie Finkelstein
~ Bruce Genter & Miriam Buchsbaum
~ Wendy Stahler & Lou Gettes
~ Bonnie & Steve Greenwald
~ Fran Harburg
~ Jimmy & Karen Kantor
~ Mark & Rita Kenney
~ Dana Jacobs-Kosmin
~ Mike & Claire Krassenstein
~ Randy & Dawn Lebowitz
~ Larry & Linda Leventhal
~ Rob & Edythe Mazer
~ Richard & Ilean Molish
~ Sue & Curt Parnes
~ Josh & Emilie Posnan
~ Elliot & Ruby Ressler
~ Suzanne & Ellis Rubin
~ Brad & Mindy Seiver
~ Bruce & Hilde Sham
~ Mitchell & Abbie Shotz
~ Jerry & Marlene Sokolow
~ Bob & Ronnie Somers
~ Chuck & Sharon Whitney
~ Richard & Anne Yecies
“Rabbi Leib and Cantor Zarkh married us in October 1992 and we were hooked! Having Dylan become a Bar Mitzvah and a Confirmand with Rabbi Leib and Cantor was just so special! The fact that I am going into my 22nd year of teaching in the Hebrew school shows how much this is my 2nd home.”
~ Cindy, Jeff, & Dylan Band
“Mazel Tov Beth Am on your 75th anniversary. We are blessed to be members of the synagogue family for over 40 years. Our children and grandchildren have grown up in this community and we thank the clergy, teachers and administration for their never ending support and guidance. Beth Am certainly is the House of the People.”
~ Evey and Herman Palat
~ Hope Slifkin
~ Evelyn Fair
“In memory of those who are gone and in honor of those here today to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Beth Am.”
~ Joyce Essl and Family
~Ellie & Gerry Sapers
“A hearty Mazel Tov to all of us for sustaining a warm welcoming congregation and to our religious leaders who toil tirelessly for all of us.”
~ Gloria & Bruce Zucker
~ Faye Katzman
“Mazel Tov with love in honor of the 75th anniversary of Old York Road Temple – Beth Am!”
~ Jan Uram
~ Gene & Sue Kestenbaum
~ Sue and Neil Borowsky
“We are grateful to OYRT-BA for being a part of so many of our family’s milestones. Happy 75th! L’Chaim!”
~ Efrem, Ronni, Alyssa & Devon Robinson
We joined Beth Am in 1974. In 1975, we received a call from Sally Glascom, co-chair with Ted Baurer of Rabbi Waintrup’s 25th anniversary weekend in 1976, to ask if we could invite our friend Jan Peerce, metropolitan Opera star to perform at the concert on Sunday evening, March 28. Mr. Peerce accepted the invitation and presented a thrilling performance of cantorial masterpieces and operatic arias.”
~ Bob & Geri Rosenberg
~ Frank & Renie Glassman
~ The Stone Family
~ Sandy Fryer
~ Jamie and Jeff Lincow
~ Harvey & Laurie Holper
~ Ellen and Warren Cohen
“It’s time to celebrate!! Beth Am is a unique community. We’re blessed with outstanding, dedicated clergy, a classic brand of officers and volunteers, tireless efforts of our Executive Director and administrative staff, AND a very loving, loyal membership. Our family has been blessed to be a part of this warm “ONE OF A KIND” – House of the People.”
~Marilyn and Don Webster
~ The Carl Family
~ Susanrae Harrison
~ Lisa and Harvey Ostroff
~ Robin, Michael and Jacob Berman
“We are so thrilled to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of OYRTBA as part of the Gala Committee. We have made so many lifelong friendships and created special memories from Ethan’s Bar mitzvah, to hosting President Clinton as a special event our trips to Israel, South Africa, Cuba & Morocco. We have lived, loved and learned so much with this community, especially our beloved Rabbi Leib, Rabbi Tornberg and Cantor Zarkh. May it continue to inspire us and our world for generations to come.”
~ Sandi Cohen and Sheldon Wolff
~Jennifer & Mark Kogan
“No way 75 years!!! Wasn’t it yesterday we just planned the 50th????? Beth Am is the best synagogue and has been such a major influence in our lives. Although we don’t get there often, our commitment will always be there. “
~Merryl & Jay Fulmer
“Beth Am has been our home for over 30 years. We know it will be home for many others in the years to come.”
~Honey & Marty Cohen
~Andee & Jay Polakoff
~Marshall & Lynda Myers
~Karen & Howard L. Schwartz and Family
~Leslie & Lance Kraemer
~Jane & Bill Patent
~Charles & Diane Plotnick
~The Breitman Family
~Rhona & Mark Gold
~Flossie & Steve Porter
“To our beloved Beth Am and to all our fellow, esteemed Beth Amniks: we rejoice with you in having attained this special, wonderful milestone in the life or our prestigious synagogue! Thank you for the high privilege and honor of contributing to your Jewish lives and the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken, together. MAZAL TOV to us all!
With love, gratitude and affection,”
~Robert, Randy, Hayley, Ilana and Aviva Leib
~Sylvan & Judy Gross
~Barbara & Bernie Hoffman
“Mazel Tov to OYRTBA for reaching its 75th Jubilee. We are delighted that our family has been part of this warm and wonderful synagogue community. for the past 35 years. Thank you for always being supportive and caring.”
~Marion & Barry Wiener
~Craig, Linda, Michelle, and Erin Cheifetz
L’Chaim to the first 75 ! And L’Chaim to 75 more! Beth Am continuing to thrive is a testament to the faith of its congregants, the caring spiritual guidance of its clergy and staff and the unwavering vision of its lay leadership. We were blessed to be President and “First Lady” from 2003-05. Standing on the shoulders of those before us so those who have come after us can celebrate 75 years! Has anyone seen the Rabbi?”
~Stephen & Marjorie Pollock
“Congratulations to the entire Beth Am Family and Community!  Let’s look forward the next 75!”
Mazel Tov from
Mark D. Braverman
~Helene and Steven Rigefsky
~Paula and Uri Yoggev
To Beth Am, When we needed a religious community to return to, you were there for us. When our parents passed, we were lost and needed a home to grieve and reflect. Rabbi Leib and Rabbi Sernovitz took us in and helped so much on our journey of healing the devastating loss & pain that was set upon us. To this we are forever grateful. We now celebrate your 75th jubilee with pride and gratitude.”
~The Molowitz Family
~Maureen & Harold Marcus
~Stanton Oliver & Vickie Richman
~Ellen Levin, Richard Wright & Family
~Phyliss & Dennis Guralnick
~David & Adele Adelman
~The Wolfson Jaffe Family